Networking / Opportunity Knocks

Networking is a great way to share ideas and knowledge. Whether it’s asking for feedback or discussing your point of view, it will help you expand your knowledge and allow you to see things from another perspective. It will help you become more visible as you become that one person that knows everyone and can be asked to share your expert opinion. Teaching CPR can also open new doors. Your next full-time or consulting job could come from one of your students.


Keeps your own skills fresh

As the old adage goes... "Use it or lose it." If you're not practicing your own CPR & Lifesaving skills regularly, you will get rusty and risk not feeling confident enough to help in the case of an emergency.


Every class is different

Instead of going to the same job site, sitting in the same cubicle day after day, you could be teaching a class in the fresh air at a park, or perhaps in a cool museum after-hours, or mid-day on a sailing ship. End the monotony and get out of the rut of your 9-5.


Meet interesting people

One thing is for certain, you will meet people from all walks of life, and from around the world. Some will be funny, while others will have the attention span of a gnat. A few will have intense life experiences, some not so much. Your students could be CEOs, EMTs, Nursing Students, High School Students, Grandparents, Expectant Parents, Babysitters, etc. Everyone will have a story and most will want to share it with you.


Tax Deductions

We all love paying less in Income Taxes right? Running your own CPR Training Business makes you illegible for an assortment of Tax deductions that can keep more money in your wallet. Potential deductions: Home Office, Uniforms, Supplies cost & upkeep, Mileage, and Certification Costs.


Be your own Boss

No micromanagers here! You call the shots, you only need to worry about yourself and your students. Forget office politics and corporate bureaucracy. 


Create your own schedule

Let’s face it, not everyone was meant to clock in at 8am and out at 5pm. When you are your own boss, you teach when you want to teach, and you charge what you want to charge. Take a 3 hr lunch if you want to, only teach on Sundays while the kids are at soccer practice, you decide.


Income you control - No Limits

Whether you are teaching CPR full time or part time in addition to your day job, your income is unlimited and under your control. Imagine a recession-proof income that you can't be laid off from. Teach as much as you want to & charge what you want to.


It's Easy & Fun!

The top certification programs provide an easy-to-follow curriculum for teaching CPR, AED and First Aid. Simply play the video and take breaks when instructed to practice skills. Have fun getting to know your class and their stories, they want to get their 'hands dirty', and to feel like they are accomplishing something worthy, to feel inspired. 


You can help someone save a life!

It is a powerful feeling to know that if it were not for your class they would not have known what to do when emergency struck. This is why we teach, to empower others with the knowledge to step up to the plate and potentially save a life. That life saved could be yours, a friends, or a loved ones.