Ultralite CPR Manikin 4-Pack: QUICK OVERVIEW


Ease of Use



What We Like

  • Easy cleanup
  • Easy transport
  • Nice landmarks

What We Don't Like

  • Low-quality compressions
  • Flimsy airway
  • No cpr quality indicators

Are you trying to teach a class or are trying to teach your own family how to properly conduct CPR on a human? Chances are, you’re going to struggle a lot of the time trying to demonstrate on a live human, especially when it comes to the CPR part.

If you’re trying to teach people how to properly give CPR, you’re going to need something to demonstrate on. The best way to demonstrate how to give CPR is by using a CPR manikin. They are built to be very realistic and stimulate both the touch and feel of a real human. This makes them an important aspect when it comes to teaching CPR.

Ultralite CPR Manikin 4-Pack Review

Prestan Ultralite CPR Manikins 4-pack

This product is a four pack of CPR manikins that are shaped to be super realistic and give a person an authentic experience when it comes to giving a grown human CPR. These mannequins are designed to be realistic in both touch and feel, along with also being sized to be the average size of a female or male human. To make this pack easier to transport and carry around you will be able to separate the body into different parts, making it portable to take to a class.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is designed for people who are attempting to either learn or teach CPR. It comes in a bundle of 4, making it perfect for either a class or a family. When you’re teaching CPR, it’s always important to have a realistic manikin to practice on. If you don’t, then you could risk the person you’re teaching to learn the wrong technique and to press down on the wrong parts of the body. You could also risk the person failing to learn how to give the right amount of air, thus leading them to fail to use or learn how to use CPR.

What’s Included?

When you purchase this manikin, you will get 4 of them. They are shaped to be the average size as a grown human. All of the manikins are designed to look and feel real, thus giving the user a more accurate experience when learning how to give CPR. Included in the pack is also a bag, to make it easy to transport all of the units at once.

The manikins can each detach at certain areas of the body, making it easy to move and store away. Included when you purchase the four pack; 4 mannequin torsos, four compression pistons, four manikin heads, nylon piston bag, nylon carrying case, 50 pack face shield lung bags, detachable shoulder strap, and an instruction manual.

Overview of Features

These mannequins are designed to be easy to set up and are sold in a convenient lightweight pack of 4. This makes the perfect for training on the go. They are durable and affordable for CPR training, and all of them are designed to be real. To help them be safer they are vinyl and latex free, meaning you don’t have to worry about people having allergic reactions to the material. They are also designed to be very easy to clean, and they also included the option to tilt the head at a realistic angle. Thus producing a very accurate portrayal of what you’ll have to learn when you give a real human CPR.

How to Use

To use the manikins, you will first have to assemble them and set them down on a surface. The student should then be guided to let the teacher tilt the head up in a position that you would need to place a real human head at. This angle will help the person breathe better and will allow you to get the greatest amount of oxygen into the airways.

The teacher should then show exactly how to place the hands on the body and begin showing the student how to press on the chest. The heart compression monitor will help you know whether or not you’re properly putting the right amount of pressure on the chest.


If you’re not satisfied with the adult pack, there are other options that you can use that are available to Preston professionals. One of the options they give you is using a manekin that is designed to realistically represent a teenager. This gives the person learning how to give CPR a more accurate representation of the teenage body, which helps them learn how to properly press down on the correct areas. Humans at different ages are different, so it’s hard to demonstrate on just one type of body.


A CPR manikin is one of the best ways to properly learn how to give CPR. Not only do they give a more realistic experience, they can also help guide both the teacher and the student for a faster learning experience. If you’re interested in teaching someone how to give CPR on a grown adult, this product will not disappoint.