4-Pack Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikins: QUICK OVERVIEW


Ease of Use



What We Like

  • Accurate feedback
  • Instant feedback
  • High quality

What We Don't Like

  • Limited chest rise
  • Unable to jaw thrust

Choosing the perfect manikin for your life-saving course will take a lot of thought, as you’re going to want to make sure that you choose the right age based on your curriculum. However, it can be quite beneficial to educate your students on resuscitation techniques that they can use on absolutely anyone in their family.

No matter if you’re teaching an infant/toddler CPR course or if you’re refreshing emergency responders on their CPR and AED training, you’ll want to consider using the Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikin. This realistic and high-end training manikin has everything that you could ask for from a piece of life-saving training equipment. It can help make it easier to teach resuscitation techniques to both beginners and veterans alike.

4-Pack Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikins Review

The Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikin is exactly as its name suggests: a manikin that resembles the physiology of an infant for the purpose of CPR and AED training. It is designed with a realistic likeness to a typical infant, giving students the ability to learn how to properly administer CPR and how to appropriately use an AED in an effort to save a child’s life.

Whether you intend to use the manikin to help train several parents on how to protect their children from hazards or are curious about learning how to resuscitate a child on your own time, the options are endless. Its unique and realistic design is essential for knowing where all of the important anatomical landmarks are that are responsible for proper breathing, placing AED training pads and performing compressions.

Who Is This Product For?

The best thing about the Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikin is that it’s designed to be useable by absolutely anyone, even children who might want to learn how to help their siblings in the event of an emergency. Its designed in an incredibly user-friendly fashion, but it still gives you the opportunity to do more advanced tasks such as visualizing breathing patterns and learning how hard to press down on a child’s chest while performing CPR.

Aside from students and parents, the Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikin could also be beneficial for daycare workers and emergency healthcare professionals. It’s always best to be prepared to be able to handle any situation, especially when you’re responsible for other people’s infants.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikin, you’ll be glad to know that it comes with just the right amount of accessories that you’ll need to perform resuscitation techniques on your manikin. Inside of each package, you will receive:

  • 10 infant lung bags
  • Instruction sheet
  • Carrying case
  • Manikin

Although the vast majority of people will likely have their own training AED, it would be beneficial if there was the opportunity to purchase the Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikin as well as an AED machine in one package, rather than buying each separately.

Overview of Features

The Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikin offers plenty of beneficial features, including the following:

  • Visual and Audio Feedback: One of the most important features of any lifesaving manikin is the visual and audio feedback for students and instructors. As you administer your CPR, you’ll be able to hear an audible “click” that lets you know that you’re achieving the right depth with each compression. You’ll also have access to a visual rate monitor that helps you learn how often you need to do your compressions and give breaths.
  • Adjustable Head: Another important part of CPR is learning how to open an airway, and with the help of the adjustable head, you can tilt the manikin as you desire to teach students how to open an airway while you’re performing CPR.
  • Clamshell Design: When you’re preparing your manikin, it’s important that you are able to easily insert their lung bags. Otherwise, you’ll spend more time preparing it than using it. Luckily, the Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikin offers a clamshell design that makes it incredibly simple to install and remove lung bags at the beginning and end of every session.

How to Use


When you’re learning how to perform CPR on an infant, you’re going to want the most realistic experience possible. Prestan’s model does offer a realistic approach, but Laerdal’s Little Anne CPR Trainer could be considered more realistic. A couple of extra features you’d find in the Little Anne model that the Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikin doesn’t include are:

  • Oral and Nasal Passages: With the combination of oral and nasal passages, students will be able to simulate more life-saving techniques such as nose pinching and jaw thrusting.
  • Foreign-Body Obstructions: Another interesting feature of the Laerdal’s Little Anne CPR Trainer is it offers foreign-body obstruction technology that allows for the release of a foreign object in the airways of the manikin. This allows students to practice their chest thrust and back blow techniques.


Once you’ve made the decision to either enrol in or host an infant CPR course, it’s important to have all of the tools you need. The Prestan Professional PP-IM-100M Infant Manikin does have tough competition, but it’s an affordable and realistic manikin that can teach anyone the most important basics of administering CPR. No matter if you’re teaching a room filled with beginners or teaching a refresher course for emergency personnel, the options are endless as this manikin is quite versatile.