How to Design a Logo for Your CPR Training Business

Now that you've chosen your CPR training businesses' name, it's time to give it life through designing a logo. Logos act as the “face” of your training business. They’re a visual display of what your company is about, they can define your brand, and help make your CPR training business stand out from your competition.

Logo Facts:

95% of the world’s top brand’s logos use only one or two colors
41% of the brands use only stylized type as their logo
93% are simple enough to be recognized at smaller sizes

Easy Formula to Create your own logo:

Logo Formula: ICON + TEXT (Business Name) = LOGO

Choose an Icon (graphic symbol) that is related to CPR & First Aid, your location, or your chosen theme, and an easy to read font for your business name text, then combine.

Instant logo!

1. Choose Your Icon


to use for CPR & First Aid Logos

Download our Free 20 pack of icon symbols to be used in your logos. Includes the PSD file for changing colors, and also PNG files for use in Canva or other design software. Enjoy!

2. Choose Your Colors

Good color choices can influence how a visitor interprets what they see as much as layout and typography. Colors can evoke different emotions. Keep it simple, use 2 to 4 colors, don’t make your logo overly complex and hard to understand.

There's a reason why 90% of all CPR & First Aid Training websites use Red, White and Blue in their logo colors and colors in their website design. You can do the same, or mix it up completely and stand out.

Here’s a quick reference to the standard symbolism of colors:

Red – Love, Adoration, Passion, Anger, Rage
Orange – Vitality, Joy, Energy, Power
Yellow – Delight, Hope, Satisfaction, Deceit
Green – Nature, Success, Prosperity, New Beginnings
Blue – Peace, Calm, Sorrow
Purple – Luxury, Royalty, Abundance
Black – Mystic, Class, Mystery, Evil
Gray – Demure, Old-fashioned, Formal
White – Cleanliness, Purity, Holiness, Virtue
Brown – Outdoors, Chastity, Trust

3. Create Your Logo - Putting it all together

Design Software for Creating Logos:

  • Canva  (FREE but limited)
  • Photoshop (PAID but Feature-Rich)

Or, you could always hire a Logo Designer:

CPR & First Aid Business Logos For Your Inspiration:

How to design your CPR Business Logo | Business of Saving Lives

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