Keeping your CPR Business out of Harm’s Way

You may be asking yourself, do I really need to buy an insurance policy, and which one would be right for me?  We live in a litigious time where it is not only wise to have this insurance but necessary. The 3 types of insurance you might want to consider buying are General Liability, Home Based Business and Professional Liability Insurance.

General Liability Insurance

How will it Protect me?

1. If a student injures themselves at your location while teaching a CPR class.

Scenario: You are teaching a CPR class, and one of your students’ trips, falls and breaks an ankle, your General Liability Insurance will pay for their medical bills for the injury that your student suffered while taking a CPR class at your training location. If this student sues you and is successful, your General Liability Insurance will cover your legal cost and any settlement that is awarded, and the CPR company that you worked so hard to build will remain safe and sound.

2. Protect you against any liability if you or your student causes damage to the training location such as fire, and/or water damage.

3. Slander, Copyright violation, and claims of misleading or false advertising against your Business.

Home Based Business Insurance

How will it Protect me?

Add-on Coverage to Homeowners Insurance that can offer protection for a small amount of business equipment and liability coverage for third-party injuries.

Professional Liability Insurance

How will it Protect me?

Also, known as Errors and Omissions (E&O insurance), is coverage that protects your company against claims that a professional service you provided caused your client to suffer financial harm due to mistakes on your part (errors) or because you failed to perform some service (omissions). This type of protection is not part of your general liability insurance or homeowners insurance. Common claims that professional liability insurance covers are negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith and fair dealing, and inaccurate advice.

Real-Life Scenarios

  1. When Manikins Fly: You are teaching in a borrowed or rented space, and someone becomes super frustrated over a skill and throws one of your manikins through a 3rd story glass window, your General Liability Insurance will pay for the cost of the broken window and your Home Based Business  Insurance will pay for your poor manikin that lays in a pile of shattered pieces on the ground below.
  2. Taught to Kill: A past student of yours that took your CPR class performed CPR on a woman and was giving chest compressions on her xiphoid process ( a small cartilage extension of the lower part of the sternum) causing it to break, puncturing her diaphragm. The student is claiming that that is how you taught them to do chest compressions. If you have Professional Liability Insurance, you will be covered if this student should try to sue you for giving inaccurate advice. (We know you are going to be an amazing instructor and would never teach your students to do chest compressions on the xiphoid process.)

A great way to combine 2 or more insurances into one package is to purchase a Business Owner’s Policy: Which combines all the typical coverage options into one bundle. It will simplify the insurance buying process and can save you money.

Where Do I Get CPR Business Insurance

3 Steps To Buy Business Insurance

  1. Research Research Research – Check Yelp, the State Insurance Board, and ask other Business Owners for referrals. Make sure the agent is licensed in your state, has excellent reviews, and understands what you actually DO as your business.
  2. Shop around and compare rates, terms, and benefits from several agents as they can vary significantly. 
  3. Reassess every year. Your liabilities will grow as your business grows. Contact your agent if you buy more equipment, and/or if you upgrade your equipment

Our Trusted Insurance Agent:

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You can never be too careful in this day and age, as it is so important to protect yourself and the CPR business that you worked so hard to start and grow. It's better to have insurance and not need it than to need it, and not have it!