Choosing a Business Name

Now that you have committed to becoming a CPR & First Aid Instructor, it’s time to name your business.

Keep it simple, come up with a 2 word phrase about CPR training that is both 'catchy' and 'short' that you relate to. You can add CPR & First Aid Training to the end of it, or not, people will get the idea.

"Catchy Phrase"     ex.

"Location"     ex. Seattle CPR

"Themed"     ex. CPR Attack (Friendly Shark Themed)

CPR Business Name Ideas

  • Helping Hands
  • Helping Hearts
  • Pulse Finders
  • Rescue Breaths
  • Cool Compressions
  • Cardiac Heroes
  • Life in Limbo
  • Heartbeat Savers
  • Human Helpers
  • Restart the Heart
  • Heart Alliance
  • Heart Guard

Choosing your Business Domain Name

Since getting a domain name that matches our business name is sooo important for our future marketing efforts, we will use finding our preferred domain name as a major criteria in naming our business.

Guidelines to follow when choosing your domain name:

  • Keep it short & simple – 2 to 3 words max is ideal
  • No Hyphens - just-don't-do-it!
  • .COM or Bust! – forget the other endings, everybody is used to typing .com 
  • Regional Domains – The only time we recommend not getting the .com domain, is if you’re operating outside the US, and there’s a Country specific domain that’s more popular amongst websites. Ex: Canada (.ca), UK (, Australia ( Advantages: builds Trust, Support for being a Local business, and higher placements in Local Google Search results.
  • Stay away from using Brand Names – You Will Be Sued!
  • Be Unique - do a quick search of other CPR Training Businesses in your area, stand out from the crowd. You wouldn't want your students calling your competitor thinking it's you, and then switching over. 

Check if it's Available on Social Media

Go to to make sure the Social Media accounts you want for your cpr training business are available. This is thinking long term, but crucial for continuing your brand recognition across the web – making it easier for your potential customers to find you, interact with you, and then ultimately take a class from you.

The main Social platforms you want to be available are: Facebook and YouTube. These 2 and the .COM ending for your domain will cover your training businesses’ future needs. 

Use Namechk to see if your desired ‘search term’ is still available as a .COM Domain name, or Username for social media sites like: Facebook and YouTube. Namechk lets you discover what names are available quickly with their ‘Green’ vs. greyed-out backgrounds.


Where to Buy Your Business Domain Name?

GoDaddy is an-all-in-one Domain Registrar and Website Hosting company - meaning you can buy the  from them as well as keep all the files there and have it perform well too.


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