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Classroom Management

Keeping Your Students Focused If you have never taught before, or even if you have taught kids before, believe it or not, adults can be just as challenging as kids.

Classroom Management2018-10-31T19:47:09-07:00

Keeping Time – Manage Time Wisely

Time Management I have had many new instructors ask me over the years, what is the hardest part of teaching a CPR class. My answer always is time management. Face

Keeping Time – Manage Time Wisely2018-10-31T19:49:18-07:00

Got Protection? PPE For Your CPR Business

Keeping your CPR Business out of Harm's WayYou may be asking yourself, do I really need to buy an insurance policy, and which one would be right for me?  We

Got Protection? PPE For Your CPR Business2018-10-08T22:14:00-07:00

I am a New CPR Instructor, Now What?

You have spent a small fortune getting certified, plus countless hours studying and practicing your hands-on skills, probably even did a couple dry-run classes with friends and family to get

I am a New CPR Instructor, Now What?2018-08-25T10:20:17-07:00