4-Pack Infant CPR Manikins with Compression Monitors: QUICK OVERVIEW


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  • Tough to use pocket masks
  • Chest skin flairs

If you’re trying to teach a class or are trying to learn CPR yourself, these infant CPR manikins are very realistic and can help you learn how to properly treat an infant that stopped breathing. Often, classes have a hard time when trying to teach how to properly give an infant CPR.

The compression monitor included with this product can help track the simulated heart rate, thus giving you a more realistic experience with instant feedback on the quality of your cpr.

4-Pack Infant CPR Manikins with Compression Monitors Review

4-Pack of Infant CPR Manikins with Compression Rate Monitors by Prestan, Medium Skin Tone PP-IM-400M-MS

This product is a four pack of CPR manikins that are designed to be super realistic and give the user an authentic simulation of what it would be like to give an infant CPR. These manikins look and feel realistic and are properly sized to represent what a real infant would look and feel like.

To add to the realism, they have included a heart rate, which you will be trying to return to normal. The child’s heart rate will begin to falter, thus giving you the perfect opportunity to try and give an infant CPR properly. The heart rate monitor will clue you in on your technique and tell you if you are accurately giving CPR.

Who Is This Product For?

This product comes in a bundle of 4, so it would be good for either families or a class. You might be trying to teach a class or your children how to give CPR in case of an emergency. Parents expecting a child could also benefit from this knowledge.

You will be able to watch a video tutorial or medical video on how to properly give CPR to an infant. Using the doll, you can demonstrate what to do and give a hands-on demonstration of where to press down and how to properly breathe air into the infant’s lungs.

What’s Included?

When you purchase this product, you will get four manikins that are the same size as regular infants. All of the infants are identical, so you don’t need to worry about consistency issues. Included when you purchase the four pack is an LED rate monitor for each manikin which can help give you instant feedback on whether or not you’re giving CPR properly. Lastly, included with your purchase is also a bag for you to conveniently transport the manikins and monitors. This makes it easy for you to take a class if you’re teaching one.

Overview of Features

These mannequins are designed to be realistic to the eye and touch, meaning they accurately simulate what a real infant would look and feel like. They have a revolutionary CPR rate monitor which allow you to get instant feedback on the rate of chest compression. This can help each student and teacher gauge their rate of compression as they are pumping air into the child.

The manikins have a patented head tilt mechanism that can help simulate a real experience. This accurately simulates the way the patient’s head would move if you were required to give CPR. The manikins also incorporate mechanisms to help people use the correct force to compression ratio.

How to Use

To use the manikins, you will first have to place them down on an even surface. After this, the teacher should guide the student on how to tilt their head up before they attempt to give CPR. The teacher should then prompt the student on exactly how to place hands and support the baby’s head as it is tilted up.

The student will then follow up by pressing lightly on their chest and pumping air into the infant’s airways. The heart compression monitor will give you a good idea of what you are doing and will provide instant feedback on whether your technique is correct or not.


If you’re not completely satisfied with this pack, there are a few other options by Preston. They give you the option of purchasing many different packs, each catered to a different type of CPR manikin. You can get the family pack of CPR manikins including two adults, one child, and two infants.

This can help you teach your family or your students how to give CPR on some different ages of people. Each doll is styled to be completely realistic, meaning you can accurately teach someone how to give CPR to another person properly.


Teaching CPR can be very confusing, especially if you’re trying to accurately simulate what it would be like to give another person CPR. It’s almost even more complicated when you try and teach someone how to give an infant CPR because there aren’t many realistic situations for you to present them with to practice.

Therefore, these manikins can help give a realistic simulation and give the students a guiding hand with the added compression monitor.