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New Instructor FAQs

The most common questions asked by future CPR training instructors.

COMING SOON! Under development…

COMING SOON! Under development…

COMING SOON! Under development…

AHA vs. ARC vs. ASHI vs. EMS vs. NSC vs. PetTech…

If you’re planning to get your CPR Instructor certification, you have a lot of options. The number one question you’ll face as an inspiring CPR Instructor, is which one should you choose?

Well, that depends…

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Your Training Center that you’re affiliated with will recommend prices for the individual classes, but ultimately you sets the price for the courses you teach. Courses range in price from $75 – $250 depending on the class level and your geographical area.

Teaching simply 10 students a month can earn you between $750 – $2500. Teach 20 students and double that, and so on. You are in complete control over what you earn!

How big your Training business becomes is your call.  You can earn some extra income or, over time, you can make enough to turn a part-time job into a full-time career, whether you are training your Employee’s, agency or sharing your expertise with your community.

Saving lives, sharing your knowledge, supplementing your income. What could be better?

The good news is this job is projected to grow 8% from 2014 to 2024! 

CPR certification is necessary across a wide spectrum of professions, and where the certification is needed, so are instructors. Currently, 26 states require CPR training as a condition for high school graduation.

Some companies—especially those that have stringent on-site safety regulations to comply with—hire CPR instructors on a part-time basis. As companies become more aware of risk management, many are making the calculation that having a CPR-certified employee on staff is just good common sense. OSHA regulations often include a requirement for CPR-certified employees.

Of course, CPR instructors will continue to be in demand in organizations such as fire departments, hospitals and medical care facilities, police departments, emergency services, and other groups that have a demonstrated need for expert instruction. There are also independent training organizations that hire CPR instructors out to companies, nonprofits, and other organizations that need the training; many instructors get work through these companies.

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